What is the best platform for receiving donations?

I’d like to get an advice on this topic from other developers and users. The problem I see is that most donation platforms use either Paypal (which is not good) or Stripe (which is available in a limited set of countries). Is there any platform which is fair to developers in terms of commissions and lets withdraw money on your bank account(not cryptowallet) without submitting tons of personal data?


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How about https://opencollective.com/? As far as I know they are very privacy friendly and you can even donate without having an account (See https://docs.opencollective.com/help/financial-contributors/guest-contributions).

I almost forgot: You can donate via bank account, so no Paypal etc. required.

Even F-Droid is there: :wink:


Thanks for the suggestion. It is a perfect project indeed, though it’s not a fit for me sadly. OpenCollective has such requirements I don’t comply with:

  • there must (or should) be a community, it’s not for individuals (I’m not sure if this is a strict requirement or not, but I thought it’s worth mentioning);
  • the project of that community must have at least 100 stars to be eligible for funding.

Anyway, I hope someone finds OpenCollective to be useful and fitting their needs.

without submitting tons of personal data

This is required in many countries.

There are good reasons for it, but companies seem to sadly abuse it these days by “double-dipping” and trying to monetize it.

Hi. What advantage does Open Collective have over Liberapay? Does it have superior software freedom (including freedom of JavaScript) ethics?

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