What is a good app for no ads all across your phone

I was told Ad Blocker unlimited


Private dns with NextDNS.


AdAway (needs root)

Best $2 I have ever given a foss.project:

Strip all or most ads from all my devices… depends on your false positive tolerance or diligence to whitelist.

No app to install. Android 9 or later required. Else a VPN service with user controlled ad blocking like nord. I don’t recommend nord for anything else.

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NextDNS is not FOSS, or even open source at all last I checked.

Their proprietary Android app uses a local VPN for redirecting DNS traffic, so it isn’t like Nord either (which relies on a remote server for all traffic processing).


I’d only recommend DNS66, or NetGuard.
If your device is rooted (and it shouldn’t be) AdAway is another excellent option.

Blokada includes blocklists that are “tainted”, mixing incompatible licenses with each other.

As suggested, but not well explained it is possible to set a private DNS in the network settings in recent versions of Android. NextDNS support this and you can apparently configure NextDNS in loads of interesting ways (including keeping logs for you to check, if you wish)

Alternatively you could use a DNS service with fixed configuration like dns.adguard.com or a small co-op/community/not-for-profit provider like nixnet either of which I guess may give you a bit more privacy.

  • Adguard. …
  • Free AdBlocker Browser. …

Both are proprietary. It’s quite unreasonable to direct your web traffic though a proprietary solution because you can’t know what it’ll do with your traffic.

NextDNS with Android’s internal “private DNS” feature is best solution.

(related specially to NextDNS):

  • other security and privacy features no App can provide
  • also NextDNS is OpenSource: NextDNS (github.com)
  • no one-man-show
  • good availability, performance, security & privacy


also NextDNS is OpenSource

NextDNS is not open source.
Only some small utilities and clients are.
I don’t understand why so many people think NextDNS is some FOSS champion.


There are many options.

  1. PersonalDNSFilter - lightweight, UI not the most intuitive but consumes the lowest amount of resources + only APM only 400KB.

  2. Blokada - has paid vpn option, Nice UI but has high resource consumption. This one has lots of features like smartlists.

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