What can a non-dev do to help add new app?

I come from https://github.com/Jigsaw-Code/Intra/issues/9 . If I didn’t get it wrong, the only reason that it isn’t be added is that no one have time or ability to write a new build flavor. So what can a user without any knowledge about android developing do to help? Any guidelines and instructions? Can a script do this - remove trackers from a build flavor?

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It’s not about the removal of the tracker libs at compile time, we can do that easily, the issue is that once that is done the app might not compile or compile and crash later when functions from said libs are called.

One needs to make the app cope with those missing, eg. https://github.com/foobnix/LibreraReader/blob/master/app/src/main/java/com/google/android/gms/analytics/Tracker.java

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In cases like that, where they are already claiming to be free software, it is helpful to point out what is not free software, e.g. GMS, and nag them to fix things. You can also look for examples of other apps that made fdroid-specific builds to omit non-free libs, there are quite a few. I imagine you could find them searching in fdroid’s gitlab trackers, like fdroiddata or rfp.

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Thanks. I’ll have a try.

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