Webview (partial webview inside native View)

Are there any applications in this F-Droid that uses the webview to partial use the parent view? I want to find an application project with source code that I can study. I am working on a different project where the webview needs to be used inside the native view, but just partially. The rest of the native view would have a native button for other functions. (I am using a webview because of a customer requirement to host a form from their web site. That isn’t my first choice or preferred way but the customer is king.)

Here is my sample quick test.

When I run the app, the web view takes up the whole view. I think it might need some adjustments to the constraints of the container or other controls. But I am not familiar how to adjust that. Any ideas?

I am the developer of Privacy Browser, which uses several different WebViews inside of other containers. You can look at the source code at https://git.stoutner.com/?p=PrivacyBrowser.git;a=tree and ask me if you have any questions.

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