webapps application

Hello, I am looking for a web apps application. I am planning to use it for school EduPage and Discord, possibly also other websites. So far I tried WebApps (Sandbox for webapps)
WebApps Sandboxed Browser | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository ,however it is no longer maintained. I don’t know if that is a security risk or if it uses the system webview. The main problem I have with this application is that I don’t see an option to zoom the site resulting in not seeing some elements. Can you recommend me some webapps application?

Using a WebView browser to sandbox websites is like trying to catch fish with a hula hoop.

You can use Native Alpha for Android. It’s not available on f-droid.

What would you recommend then? Can you point me to some resources about sandboxing websites?

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