Warning, Do not use Telegram from Google Playstore

Do not use Telegram from Google Playstore. It has been completly recoded by Google.

Please, details.

Do not use Telegram from Google Playstore.

You could just say:

Do not use apps from Google Playstore.


it seems that telegram is not able to control its apps when it is modified by third parties!!! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

telegram offers a own version of the app on his site. Do not use the Google version, it contains unknown code.

I am the source.

So why don’t you explain, how do you know that?

Of course, but this is then called consulting, or knowledge transfer, and is no longer covered by open licenses, and it will cost money.
After all, I’m not soliciting customers here, so you’ll have to make do with the answer in this form.

OK, I’ll bite.
I got some cryptotrash.
How much for this “information”?


What do you mean by “completely recoded”?

I am not even sure WHAT you are claiming. But I don’t believe it.

I am no expert in Android development or the Play Store.
But as far as I know every APK in the PlayStore is signed by the developer. Google can not change or fake that signature.
So show me a PlayStore APK where the signature doesn’t match and I’ll start believing you.

eh https://play.google.com/console/about/keymanagement/


Yeah, I had heard that Google is expecting all app devs on their Play Store to submit their signing keys soon. Then Google can just sign anything as anyone :slight_smile:

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Why dont trust Google? I think it’s a great company.

Is Google a better company regarding to treating its own employers than say Facebook? From what I heard, yes.
Is Google a “great company” regarding users treatment and healthy competitive market position? Absolutely not, what are you even doing here if you want to trust Google???
I don’t trust Google. Like, at all. If I did I wouldn’t use FLOSS, Google has enough stuff out to serve most people’s needs.

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Think first.
Do not trust Google.
Read here:

@ecxod we’ll reopen when you are willing to…you know, prove it…

This went nowhere…