Want help with chrome

I want to know if i coud make hardened chromevas it is preinstalled and wasting my space so why not use it
I have done something set do not track on
Set a private dns with next dns and set no google filters enabled turn off sync feature and floc feature all blocked all in site settings now so can i use it without googles spying.


Use Bromite.

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Is it not possible to uninstall it? Those preinstalled apps are reallya annoying…

You can disable it, via Settings or adb. But you can’t free up the space.

Right it annoying that i have a app install which uses my storage but i can’t use.

Yes i know that is why i want to use by make that block all other stuff if possible with dns and others

Even if your OS didn’t come with Chrome, that space that Chrome is currently
using would not be usable because /system and /data are distinct partitions with
fixed sizes.

Disable that garbage app with ADB and use Bromite or Mull…

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