Updates to abandoned apps? Safe?

Hi, new to the F-Droid forums. A game that I’ve enjoyed for years on Android, Hot Death, which had it’s last update in 2012, but had continued to (mostly) work in the latest Android versions, suddenly came out with a minor point update and no release notes (that I could find). Having heard about this kind of thing with abandoned browser extensions that get taken over by unscrupulous players, I’m curious about the risk here?

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It doesn’t look risky at all, the developer just seems to have made some updates since 2012 :slight_smile:
The autorisations look clean and here is the exodus report: https://reports.exodus-privacy.eu.org/fr/reports/229903/
It all looks good to me :slight_smile:


Thank you. Was just so surprising to see an update after almost a full 10 years.

And I updated and see that the developer added in the functionality I most missed since Android deprecated the menu button all those years ago…the ability to pass! Thanks Jason!!


That’s great :slight_smile: Then you could mark the discussion as solved, so it’s easier to see what is solved :wink:


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