Updates dependent from f-droid?

If i download a app from F-Droid, and after that i delete/reinstall F-Droid.
is the downloaded app still getting updates? or are updates dependent from F-Droid?

If you delete F-Droid and the app can’t update itself then you won’t be able to update it.
If you reinstall F-Droid you can of course still update the app via F-Droid.

i understand.

why i ask is because my mobile is low in mb.
So after i have installed a messenger from F-Droid, and delete F-Droid again i wondering if the messenger still gets updates? or needs it f-droid for getting updates?

Like I said, if the app can’t update itself (most can’t) you’ll need F-Droid to update it.

You can update your apps via this web site without F-Droid but you will not have notifications…

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