Update failures

Most of my updates succeed. Just these few have been failing for a couple of weeks now. What’s up with that?


or maybe even clear the app data for F-Droid and start fresh?

Refresh didn’t help, already tried that. I haven’t cleared the app data in F-droid in YEARS, that’s a viable solution! Give me a minute…

Actually, probable a few minutes, since it’ll have to reconfigure and sync it’s database…

They didn’t help. I even cleaned out Google Play Services and rebooted the phone. I got OpenTracks to install, but the other three still refuse.

Is like to figure out of it’s an installer or f-droid issue, but I think the next step is an uninstall/reinstall, unless somebody has a different suggestion…?

A logcat would be helpful.

Does it work if you download the apks and install them manully?

Pretty sure I have a terminal thing installed. How do I get the proper logcat?

I don’t know. I haven’t done that in so long, I couldn’t say. I would probably try an uninstall-reinstall before a manual install. :wink:

It might be to lack of free space on the phone: biggest updates fail.

It wasn’t a lack of space… they eventually did install. No rhyme or reason to it. Unless clearing the cache and rebooting the phone had some delayed effect.