Understanding checkupdates / autoupdates

I feel I don’t understand checkupdates. I have this yaml :

  - versionName: 0.0.1
    versionCode: 101
    commit: 0.0.1
    submodules: true
      - armv7a
    prebuild: sed -i '/FLITEDIR variable should be set/ c\FLITEDIR:=$(shell pwd)/flite'
      - export FLITEDIR=$PWD/flite/
      - cd $FLITEDIR
      - ./configure --with-langvox=android_fdroid --target="armeabiv7a-android"
      - make -j8

AutoUpdateMode: Version %v
UpdateCheckMode: Tags ^[0-9.]+$
CurrentVersion: 0.0.1
CurrentVersionCode: 101

I do fdroid checkupdates , only these lines change

CurrentVersion: 0.0.2
CurrentVersionCode: 102

If I try to build it, only the 101 version is build. How to I build the 102 version ?

Please post the full recipe so we can test with your repo.

Running --verbose for checkupdate should help.

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