Tutanota-mail should get a searchbar for searching your own mails to find one specific

I think that Tutanota-mail should get a searchbar, for searching for words in your own mails to find one/some specific mail/mails. That’s the feature I’m missing most in Tutanota right now, and I mean both the app and also the website should get it.

I also have noticed that their webpages are loading very slow, maybe they could need more or more powerful servers or both.

I also hope that it’s possible to ad this feature without getting more loading time or any crashes.

Did you report this to them? We just package it :slight_smile:

Press the issues or website link in details :wink:

I noticed that there is a search-bar, only problem is that it disappears when you view your mail in “Tor Browser” and doesn’t view the web in full-screen. Why does the problems come to the privacy-focused people, viewing the most safe and privacy-friendly mail, “Tutanota”, through the most safe web-browser, the latest version of “Tor Browser”?? Well it always seams like wish for privacy mostly leaves you disappointed somehow. When software’s and services, like mail, are not as good as they could be.

Well I at least have been working on connecting “FOSS-programmers”/“FOSS-companies”, with each other lately. I also write about issues and missing features in “GitHub” and other forums. Because I want all the best “FOSS-software’s” and services to become better and better until they’re almost 100% perfectly, safe and working, under any circumstances. I will probably continue with that, now and then, to see if I get some positive result out of it.

You can’t eat your cake and have it too.


Well lucky enough I’m on a sugar-free diet. So I guess I give the cake away as a gift, to someone I know and hope that I get something better back, like Whiskey bottle, that I can both drink and keep, even if it’s empty when I keep it. Good solution right?
No, but jokes aside, your kind of right about that. Everything can’t always be solved. But we can try to solve as much as possible. And do the best of our situation.

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