Tusky is nonfree

I find it awesome how random people from the internet are suddenly the holders of absolute truth and know much more than Stallman, who created the GNU and the GPL.

He clearly stated that freedom to use is freedom to run and use the software for WHATEVER you want to do. He never said it’s the case you’re bringing up. Specifically this argument:

So yeah I’ll take your word for it, a random guy from the internet that happened to call me a nazi supporter for defending free speech, for defending human rights for everyone, with no exception.

Honestly, if you think your interpretation is the absolute truth and the correct one, I think you should be called RMS and not _cj. It’s like having a law that says “no type of discrimination against human beings is allowed” and then saying marginalized groups are allowed to discriminate people because they are marginalized. This is ridiculous.

Bring me proof that contradicts what Stallman said on his own article that I quoted and you didn’t even read it, otherwise you wouldn’t be blabbering about “oh your interpretation of freedom 0 is wrong it’s not about doing whatever you want with the software, but being able to use it blah blah blah”. Give me solid proof from the FSF or GNU itself that contradicts what Stallman wrote. And then I’ll believe you. You, and others, have failed to provide any solid proof that freedom 0 is not what Stallman said it is.

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No, thanks, I decided to use free software because I can control what I can do with it. I moved from proprietary software to get rid of a third-party controlling what content should be available. And these blocks violate freedom 0 and even Stallman agrees that software developers shouldn’t tell us what we should and shouldn’t do with their software. Bringing back the pen analogy, it’s like restricting what people can write with your pen. Or a more tangible analogy, it’s like saying how you should use the information contained within a book.

And even then @_cj, we never mentioned the GPL. As far as I’m concerned, Tusky is not violating the GPL. We never said that the block violated the GPL. We mentioned that it violated freedom 0 and couldn’t be considered free software anymore. But why am I arguing with you, a random dude on the internet, your interpretation of freedom 0 is the correct one and Mr. Stallman, the creator of the GNU and GPL is wrong.


So then get on Fedilab for blocking ads from users who may want to see them and stop singling out Tusky for no apparent reason.

The beliefs are simply wrong. Tusky is Free Software. It is restricted Free Software. It is Free Software with a blacklist. It is Free Software which should be forked and made available without a blacklist. But is, in fact, Free Software:

Free Software which Censors and Restricts what Sites and services the user is Allowed To Read and use is still Free Software


Nice wiki page created today with no link to any sources at all. Could you please link what was his actual reply and the original question as well?

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Nice wiki page created today

Why thank you.

no link to any sources at all

Yes, that is how e-mail works. There are no web links to e-mail accounts. The page very clearly states that the source is a e-mail reply from RMS. That’s the source. You can accept the reality that he gave those statements or live in some fantasy la-la land. I’m fine with it either way.

Could you please link what was his actual reply

No, I can’t give you a web link to my e-mail account and I’m also not going to give you access to it. It would be great if you would please consider going back to reddit or wikipedia or whatever hell-hole you came from and take that “citation needed” bullshit with you?


Hi. Long time f-droid user, first time commenter.

I agree with the others in here that this is not a software freedom issue. Tusky’s developers are under no obligation to cater to one group of users or another. Anyone who disagrees with the direction the devs are taking is free to fork the program and tailor it to their liking.

As for @alexgleason’s comment about who’s on the right side of history: we had a war about this. Turns out appeasement doesn’t work.


Thanks everyone for participating in this thread and for hearing us out.

I was wrong. Tusky is free software.

I still don’t support Tusky’s antithetical design, but both Stallman and most of the free software community agree that the license is what determines freedom 0.

I appreciate the efforts made to contact Stallman and the FSF to bring us clarity.

Rather than patch/remove Tusky, a next step could be to include a fork in F-Droid.


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One more RMS post, I know that he’s not an authority, but eh, some people like him.

I asked him when all this blew up because I don’t think that tusky’s actions make it non-free (and support said actions), and wanted to hear what he had to say.

Here it is:


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You don’t have to be a dumbass because someone asked you for a source. Keep it up that way and you’re gonna go far, kid. Thanks for posting the email reply anyways. It was also confirmed by someone else on the post.

And just finalizing this: citation needed is not a requirement for Reddit. Wikipedia it is so it prevents people like you from fabricating lies, although in your case it wasn’t a lie. Citation needed is required when you’re engaged in a serious discussion, to back up your arguments. But you just decided to attack the other person instead of proving your point.

And that is exactly why F-Droid and software shouldn’t be engaged in political discussion. I respect any opinion as long as I’m respected. You’re giving away free insults and calling the person in question transphobic and homophobic despite the discussion we had about freedom 0. I think, if we’re talking about a ban here, you should be banned because it’s too hard for you to understand how to stay in topic. We were talking about freedom 0 and they engaged in political discussions to back their claims. Now you’re just bringing it up to argue with a random person on the internet, acting exactly like a troll.

Please maintain it on topic. There’s no discussion anymore about freedom 0 so if you think he’s being transphobic and want to have a peaceful discussion with him, talk in private. And what I said applies to you as well @alexgleason, you wrote your point days ago and you don’t need to recall it.

You have the right to disagree with someone’s opinion. But you should also treat them with respect if they treated you with respect. By doing this you’re just looking for a victim to inflate your ego. Want to explain why someone is wrong? Do it with respect, otherwise they’ll be resistant to change. Do it peacefully.

And please if you don’t have anything else to add related to the OP then do it somewhere else. Not here.


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@moderators Can this please be locked? It’s full of unproductive shit-slinging.

There is such a thing as productive shit-slinging. I just literally got back from cleaning up after my sick dog who was constipated. One thing to know about Australian Shepherds is that they have crazy amounts of energy, especially after they feel relieved. Well, he shit himself and was so relieved he ran around the house slinging it everywhere in our non-AC’d hot apartment. He feels relieved now, I feel happy that his health is improving, so that’s productive.

All this shit-slinging thread is, is the sterilization and cleanup part and neither getting healthier nor watching someone you care about get healthier.

I don’t know how to send this message in private so I hope this story provides everyone some comic relief.

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