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You may have noticed that we were working on the website of in the background. The current website is built with WordPress, making it hard for volunteers to contribute to it. Because of this and other points, we decided to switch the website to Jekyll, a static page generator built with Ruby. You can find more information about the discussion of switching here:

While the website’s repository is specific to, the browsing and detail pages are generated by an extern plugin called jekyll-fdroid. It is still under development but you can already use it to create a beautiful website from your own repository.

Because we are now close to launching the Jekyll powered website to, we want to show it to the community. At time of writing the Launch milestone is at 95% and the following points are still missing (please keep them in mind when commenting here):

  • Seach through apps
  • Filter apps by category
  • Display permissions and anti-features beautifully

To cut a long story short, here’s the link to the staging server of the new website:

As always, we really appreciate it to receive feedback. Please post it either to the website’s issue tracker or the plugin’s one. While the first one is used for everything related to, the second one is for the more general plugin that generates the browsing page and the app detail pages. You can also reply here in this thread, though.


Great work :slight_smile: Glad that the website will be finally in git and accepting contributions easily.

To elaborate further, we are also in the process of making the site localized, so that we can translate it into several languages the same way the Android app is currently translated. It is likely this will not be part of the launch milestone, but it will come very soon afterwards.

I had a go

The QR-code can’t be far down the page, because it is awkward getting a mobile phone positioned that far down on a laptop screen.
Download button should mouseover to see what version it is.
Clickable license tags

One idea that takes some work would be to have three phones next to eachother.
Meaning the fresh and updated app columns are shown as per the in-app view.
Long term design would be to have it be 100% interactive.

In terms of service design, having introduced F-droid as “COPYLEFT SYMBOL”, Libre, and Free Software, the next thing to tackle is explaining matters, in the ‘about’ topbar tab.

Where’s the search?

As I’ve written at the top, this is still an open issue.

@kingu Thank you for your thoughts for this. I think it’s the best if you open an issue on the website’s issue tracker for this.

ah! sorry, /me blind. :slight_smile:

@pserwylo just implemented the search, you can try it out here. Any feedback is appreciated!

Searchbar, type Bible, hit Enter. Nothing.

Searchbar, type Bible, hit Enter. Nothing.

Seems like the final search is not implement. You can start typing
"bib" and it will suggest apps in question. Same for FFUpdater –
“FFUpdat” shows suggestion, FFUpdater doesnt show anything.

You’re right. Starting at “FFUpdate” it hides.

As everyone is trying out their apps now, I also did it. Asura and HW-Manager works just fine. Curios o_O

Thanks for the feedback all.

So this is a problem with the “stemmer” whereby it truncates things like “runner”, “running”, “runs” all to the stem “run”. This also has some weird cases, and looks like it is truncating “FFUpdater” in a strange way too. I’m going to do away with the stemmer, because I don’t think it makes sense to try and be intelligent and truncate app names, which are often full of interesting spelling anyway. Our blobs of text are probably quite different than the usual, free-form natural language that these stemmers were built for (e.g. natural English).

We’re trying out a new search that @uniqx created. Try it here:

The source code is here:

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