Transportr repo is outdated

Last release in github 2.1.4

Last release in f-droid 1.1.9

ref: Run `scan-binary` on a full repo/archive mirror (#1004) · Issues · F-Droid / fdroidserver · GitLab

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there is a pretty substantial list in the link you provided, thank you Licaon_Kter

Ah thanks for the link, an issue with mapbox and dependencies if I understood correctly :slight_smile:

sorry, total beginner here,
how exactly do I execute this ?
In like a termux terminal or something similar ?
Also I am wondering what happened, since I do have version 2.1.4 on my older phone, yet when I try to download the latest version on my new phone it’s 1.9.x

Execute what exactly?

You’ve installed 2.1.4 before it was disabled on that device.

Ah okay so because I am using a different device now it doesnt show the newest version because of compatibility ? Ive seen a fdroid option for that …
Execute your fix ?
I dont understand exactly how to get the latest version despite it not being available on fdroid.
Thanks so much for the fast reply !

You don’t, latest one is disabled because it contains non-free code, there’s no workaround to install now (well, you can extract the APK from the old device and sent it to the new one fyi)

You can have a look at this comment from the Transportr team if you want to install the latest build made directly by the developers (not F-Droid, so update will need to be done manually): Blank map · Issue #822 · grote/Transportr · GitHub

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is there another app better than transportr about privacy/security/usability?

it would be nice if they would create their own f-droid repo.

There’s an ongoing effort to clean up this non-free lib, that will help many apps: Deltachat: fix maplibre (!11532) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

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I thinks it’s a matter of a few days or weeks until the app goes back on F-Droid, so there is no need for their own repo, enough temporary solutions are available :slight_smile: (And even the outdated app seems to still work on some networks).
If you want another app with similar functionnalities, you can have a look at Offi | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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