Translating lots of app "summaries"

Newb question. How do you determine the popularity of an app? I’m guessing there’s a download counter that keeps track. (?)

@Licaon_Kter the full descriptions are only translated in fdroid for about 5 apps. I am not proposing adding any more full descriptions (4000 characters) only the summary/short descriptions (80 characters / one line).

@kingu the proposed translations are publicly available in git and weblate. They are in both F-Droid/Fastlane format and index JSON. We of course want upstream to adopt our translations. About the Translation: field for apps, I’ve been adding that as I find where apps are translating. There is only about 20 or 30 apps with that field right now. Part of that is because the feature isn’t very visible. If someone added it to the website, then it would be more visible. Also, if you know where some apps are being translated, then please submit merge requests to add Translation: fields!

@mapel we have no analytics, but I think its a safe bet to consider VLC more popular than Checkey. I’ll guess, that’s how I’ll determine which is more popular :joy:

Ok, the big dump is up on Weblate: I also cleaned a lot of things up, including newlines in the long descriptions. There are lots of machine translations included for many languages, so even though the languages are showing as 100% complete, it would be good if a human went through and reviewed all the errors/suggestions/etc/

I have tried on some item and I found it is a little difficult for some app if I don’t know what it is. Could you add the long description into the comment?

I put them in the comment for each summary string, there you should see
a URL that will take you to that app’s page, for example:
"Read about the app here: "

That was showing up properly yesterday. But there seems to be a bug in
Weblate where it reverted to the old comment (e.g. “This is limited by
Google to 80 characters”).

Try doing a hard refresh of the screen in the browser.

As a workaround, you can see the “package name” in the Context string,
and copy and paste that without -summary onto” to make the URL, for example this:

Context: en-US.xliff///de.drhoffmannsoftware.calcvac-summary


Here’s my bug report, please add any other info you might have:

I found that lots of summary belong to discontinued apps. For example: has been 404. Maybe you could sort the strings by last update, so we could translate active app first.

I tried to filter out inactive apps, but I guess I failed. I’ll try again. Sorting based on last-update is a nice idea too.

ok, I updated the script to check the current index, and remove anything
not in it. It removed about 25 apps.

Has the strings on weblate updated?There are still some inactive apps such as

Looks like it updated since you posted those links. Those three point to active apps, but the URLs just have the position number in them (offset=139), so perhaps you original pointed to different apps?

Oh no, I get what happened. I should share the permanent link.

And there are still inactive apps.

and more.

Ok, I figured it out and improved the script. It removed another 1 to 40 apps, depending on the language.

Thanks. And here is an appname but not a summary.

Do you mean for pc.javier.seguime? I see a summary for it that you have already translated:

Yes. 453 is the appname and 454 is the summary.

Etar has already been translated into Chinese.

And there are some strings which are description but not summary.

In my opinion translations for title, summary and description for apps in f-droid via XLIFF-filefomat
via should be optional not mandatory

For my own apps i would opt out because

My android apps already have “summary” translations in more than 10 languages.

@K3b I recommend switching your fdroid.xml format to use XLIFF so you
can set character limits for the fields. crowdin should certainly
support XLIFF and it should be not so far off the Android strings.xml
format you are using. Everyone supports XLIFF, even crowdin:

I only added apps that had the Summary: set in fdroiddata. For any app
that provides these translations already, just remove Summary: and
Description: from the metadata file, then remove all the summary.txt,
name.txt, and description.txt files for that app.

It seems something went wrong that I can’t find untranslated strings. Almost all the 605 strings are translated but it shows there are 296 untranslated strings.

And there are some strings not summary but appname or description.

There are a few full descriptions that were there before. As the app developers take over handling the translations, I remove them from here.

As for app names, I’ve been thinking that we should probably also include app names in this collection. It can be a lot more than just the app’s name, since it is up to 50 characters. And it shows on every single screen where that app shows.

Any thoughts on adding app names for all of the apps already in there?

In my opinion, most appnames are untranslatable. Only little appnames such as “Simple Clock” can be tanslated but maybe users wil feel confused if appnames are changed. For example, Telegram is known as ‘Telegram’ in China but not '电报‘ .

And could you remove all the ‘translated’ tags here?