This forum looks empty

Hi. I’m new here.

So, I’m interested in FOSS. This is one such forum I’ve found about FOSS for android. That being said, I am mostly an user (just in the process of learning).

Seeing the kind of nonexistent topic, is this forum dead or is it just recently migrated?


This forum is indeed very fresh. See this blogpost from yesterday :slight_smile:



Like @haeckle said, we opened the forum yesterday and were not able to move the data from the old forum. Though it is still reachable here:

Is the old forum completely deleted from your archives as well? Let’s say I had an account, and I don’t feel my old password safe anymore; I have to change it (say, I reused it in other places, and it was a weak password). If I cannot change it, I can only feel safe if you can assure me that you deleted the whole database safely.

There’s is no more possibility to login with your account, as the hosting WordPress instance was completely deleted from the website.

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