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Is there an App that will terminate Apps that automatically start. My Lenovo P10 has Lenovo Weather which is super crap and SPYWARE and leaves an indication in Oreo at the top of the screen.
Believe in Oreo there is no way to terminate some Apps, but there is supposedly away around Google’s stopping Apps being stopped.

What is the issue exactly?

Try https://f-droid.org/en/packages/superfreeze.tool.android/



If you freeze an app will the app keep trying to restart? Thus increasing battery usage?
I know how Shelter works but not the other app.

No, they can’t do anything, unless you start them.

Eg. your weather info will be old and wrong since it can’t update :slight_smile:

Thanks, will try Shelter.
The Lenovo weather App is GARBAGE and is clueless about local weather. Why Lenovo put on such garbage Apps they cannot deliver proper information is useless. Lenovo cannot or never could supply world wide quality accurate local weather information.

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