Support F-Droid from Iran , Donating Problem !

Hi ,
I wanted to help the f-droid project but non of the payment methods are working cause I’m living in Iran and I can’t have cryptocurrency and banks are blocked to use swift .

How can I help ?
Are there any official Iranian bank account for F-droid ?
Thanks in advance !


“Official Iranian bank account for F-Droid”
I don’t think so :smile:

You can also support F-Droid simply by being a contributor (solving bugs, helping the users…) or by buying a t-shirt Hello-Tux in home page :slight_smile:

I think @danialbehzadi might be in Iran, perhaps you could help build the Iranian F-Droid community by donating locally for contributions to F-Droid.

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I prefer not to accept donations personally ATM, but may be you can donate to any Software Freedom Day event in Iran as soon as they call for donations:
You can also plan to hold a F-Droid booth or something there.


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