Starting up f-droid apps on boot

When installing some apps on standard Android (non-rooted) phones, I have mixed results on them automatically starting up on boot. On some phones (or android versions?) it will work perfectly ok (reboot phone and the app is started up automatically), while others they are not.

Example: Linphone. This is a VOIP App , and thus quite annoying to have to manually boot.
Conversations is another example, but this one has a special setting that allows you to “force” it start on every boot.

So I wonder 1.- Is there any generic way to force an app to start on boot (I remember some time ago there was an app called autostarts here in f-droid, but now it’s gone)? By generic I mean not relying on any special configuration of the app to force it.

2.- What is different from the f-droid Version as opposed to the Play Version of this app where it does start on boot?

Thanks in advance.

The “RECEIVE_BOOT” or what ever is that permission called is the same no matter where you take your app from, it’s ROM dependant if your device respects that or not.

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That will have nothing to do with F-Droid, that’s between the app and the Android version.

Hi, Thanks for your replies. I’m still not clear on this item. All of the devices I refer to, are factory-standard ROMs, and from different vendors.

What’s confusing for me is what can cause the difference between the Google Play version and the F-Droid version in terms of startup management.

Thanks in advance.

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