Special install rules for map files from apps like Osmand

I’m wondering if people think it would be worthwhile for F-Droid client to have a special install handling for Osmand map files. They are shipped as .obf.zip and installed unzipped as .obf. So fdroidclient would have to do that unzipping to install these files. This would allow Osmand map files to be distributed and installed from fdroid repos, including nearby/swap repos. The downside is managing the complexity of having special install rules for each app. There might be a rule that is easy to draw here though, and that would make it worthwhile.

And repackage this every month? For every country? I’ll vote no…


I don’t mean really including them in f-droid.org. I just mean
supporting them if people put them into repos. Including them in
f-droid.org would be a separate decision that can happen later.

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I got this working in the fdroidclient v1.10 release with Osmand, it works pretty nicely since Osmand already supports receiving the map files locally via an Intent:

There is also a new, curated repo from Guardian Project’s Wind effort. It is a repo of apps that work offline, and it set up to be easily distributable offline as well:

To add it to an offline F-Droid:

other map apps

Something like this should also be possible using the “Maps” app, if someone wants to take that on:

It is not possible with Google Maps offline: https://annoyingtechnicaldetails.wordpress.com/2020/09/23/cannot-easily-redistribute-downloaded-offline-files-for-google-maps/

Maybe even Trekarta?

I’m open to supporting any map app in f-droid.org, as long as the install process is not to crazy and can be easily managed in fdroidclient. That said, I’ve never heard of Trekarta. I chose Osmand, since know it well, have contributed code to it, and use it regularly.

Trekarta downloads maps from the developers site, so I thought this might work. Yes, we’d need to check those rules.

Map-files mean a lot of data and a lot of traffic.

Some apps (my own apps and c:geo in the izzy-reop) use the lib osmdroid with the mapsforge ofline map plugin where you have to manually download offline-map-files from https://download.mapsforge.org/maps/

Advantage: all apps share the same offline map data.

Big file example: : germany.map (high detail map of germany) has 1.78 GB

Sounds like a nice thing for F-Droid to support.

Maps is dead, I’m afraid.

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