Some bugs & strange behaviour

Hello. Recently I got a lot of glitches with F- Droid. You can see them in the photo attachments. Categories is empty.
Installed apps menu of F-Droid is full of apps that I did not installed.
The latest updated app in the repository is Android Permissions, but as I can see at the F-Droid site the latest apps are SicMu Player, Simple Keyboard & Titan Companion.
I thought it is somehow associated with LineageOS 15.1, that I installed. Any suggestions? Should I post this at the gitlab issues? Thanks.

P.S. Sorry, only one image for a new users.

A pull-down-to-refresh repos does not help?

Known issue.

Pull down to refresh.

That’s the first action I was doing. Nothing.

Then try clearing the cache/data of the app and try again.

The most untypical that this bugs appeared exactly after cleaning data/cache. OK. I will try one more time cleaning.
So, cleaning data/cache for second time helped me. There are apps in categories and installed apps showed correct list. The last what I need to know is my repository updated or not. Thanks.

Did you know when it will be fixed? Because after updating repository by swiping down I have this issue again. By the way I am using F- Droid for a long time with different phones & had never any issues. I got this trouble only after updating to the official LineageOS 15.1 ROM. Something strange.

It’s not OK. Really. Cleaning cache is not a problem solving.

Same issue here, LineageOS 14. Cleaning cache alone doesn’t help.

Try force stop > delete app data and cache > restart app.

Anything else didn’t work.

1.3-alpha4 has a bunch of related fixes, try it out. 1.3-alpha5 will have more related fixes.

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