SOCKS5 middleware needed for reverse tethering (Netguard limitation)

One simple approach to reverse tether over USB on an unrooted device is to install OpenVPN on the Android and also on the PC. The problem is that Netguard & OpenVPN cannot mutually serve as the sole VPN service (an AOS limitation). Netguard is also unable to connect to a VPN for uplink traffic. Netguard only supports SOCKS5.

Theoretically some middleware could act as a VPN client for the USB uplink, and offer a SOCKS5 service, which would make it possible to reverse-tether without giving up Netguard.

Has anyone figured out how to do this?

Also, I’m looking for a free-world forum/chat for Netguard. finds no IRC rooms for it. Netguard·me is jailed in Cloudlfare’s walled-garden, and it directs support seekers to another oppressive CF walled-garden (XDA forums).

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