Is there a straightforward way of seeing an app’s signature? First, let me say this was way above my layman’s understanding:
Here’s my problem. I understand the Guardian Projects apps are signed the same here and in the Play Store. I have “incompatible versions” off. Bitwarden in F-Droid was updated in Dec to version 1.21.0. The Play Store has version 1.22.0 and I can update it there. So I gather it has the same signature as F-Droid’s app and F-Droid will catch up to the newer version. Do I just trust the system and download from the PS when it allows me to? Am I making sense? LOL. They must not be incompatible versions because I can update it there…

This is mostly what concerned me yesterday. I could have sworn the Play Store version had a permission (diagnostic data) that the F-Droid version did not have. Looking this morning I don’t see that permission. My apologies. The old man is definitely get old…

“Incompatible” won’t allow you to update from another store if the signature is different, as Android itself does not allow this.

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You can install Checkey from F-Droid to look at app signatures. You can find it --> here <–.

Fair warning: you may get what you asked for instead of what you wanted. :wink:


I have Checkey. Why didn’t I remember that it could do that. Don’t answer. LOL.

You can also see signatures in Stanley as well as permission and other information about an app.

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I’m looking at it. Thanks.

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