Signal has Maps?

Think link about the unofficial and open source version of Signal mentions maps in the official version. I have never seen this. What is it talking about?

Signal has messy history and some open source releases. Open source forks happen.

For example, I have never see Google Maps at all in the official Signal.

Hi, author of the fork here! I’ve updated its page to clarify: both official clients will only show maps on devices with Google Apps (GAPPS) installed in their ROM as they depend on that closed-source library. This may not be installed in third-party ROMs e.g. LineageOS – maps are blank in that case. My fork replaces it with the open source OSMDroid for an OpenStreetMap map, written by the talented Fumiakiy Yoshimatsu.

Is the Signal-FOSS version I see able to work with all Signal users? Is there any down side I should be aware of with using that app verse the official one?

It does work with all Signal users.
Downsides are potentially slower updates than mainstream Signal, and sometimes the Signal folks disapprove of unofficial clients using their service (hence the “non-free network services” anti feature).

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