Should memetastic be flagged with anit-features flags?


I had a discussion with the maintainer (@gsantner) of memetastic ( whether the app should be flagged or not.
The description of “Non free addon” is “This Antifeature is applied to apps that, although Free Software themselves, promote other non-Free applications or plugins.”

All non-free memes has been moved to a seperate github repo and are not included in the apk. They can be downloaded from github via the app.

Arguments for flagging:

  • The non-free memes are mentioned
    • In the second sentence of the description
    • In every screenshot in fdroid
    • In the “Download latest assests” popup in first start. This popup does not mention, that the memes and network service are non-free

Arguments against flagging:

  • The app itself does not contain non-free memes
  • The app can be used with own pictures or with the two prebundled free memes
  • The user does not have to download the non-free memes


Personally I don’t think any of these are valid arguments against the flag.

So personally I have no idea if this warrants the Non-Free-Addon antifeature or not. Following the description of the antifeature it’s neither an app nor a plugin that get’s downloaded. But this is kind of hairsplitting.

@relan @mimi89999 any opinions?

Not sure. F-Droid is about free software, i.e. executable code. Here we talk about optional pictures pack, right? Looks like we don’t have a suitable anti-feature for this case.

Right. Maybe we can extend NonFreeAssets (“This Antifeature is applied to apps that contain and make use of non-free assets.”) to “This Antifeature is applied to apps that contain, make use of or promotes non-free assets.”?