Several app descriptions in the client appear in Greek

The description of several apps is displayed in Greek. I do actually speak Greek but everything in the phone is set up in English. I am not sure why the F-droid app is the only one that prefers switching to Greek. The client otherwise displays everything in English as it should here.

Disable secondary languages, set ONLY ONE language in Android settings language & input

Have you by any chance configured a non-standard region with your English language? There’s a bug which will make a secondary locale which matches both language and region a priority over a primary locale where only the language matches.

There’s an MR with a fix for it here:

I did this and after I deleted F-droid app’s data it is now working fine. Thanks.

Not sure why F-droid would select a secondary language to display certain few apps descriptions when the descriptions are also available in the primary language. It looks like a bug.

My earlier reply is stuck awaiting approval. Yes, that bug fits my circumstances precisely.

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