Security Rating of Different FOSS OSes

Is this correct as far as security goes?

  1. Graphene OS
  2. CalyxOS and Divest OS (I am not sure which one is better)
  3. LineageOS

Is there anything more secure then Graphene OS that does require $1000 plus like the black phone?

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Who decides the “rating” used?

  1. GrapheneOS
  2. DivestOS
  3. CalyxOS and LineageOS
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That is what I go by for myself.

The title is “Safety Rating” and not personal preference for other reasons.

Per example, if we take If we take the same operating system, one with a standard kernel and one with a hardened kernel, I think it’s clear which one is the winner in terms of security.
Although a hardened kernel also has cons.

“Security” actually

I did not see the rating criteria and threat models yet, but carry on…

Right, but within relativity, there are still differences between the mentioned operating systems.

Of course, but I see only acronyms lists, not why one is top and other is bottom.

  • Verified and locked bootloader
  • Hardened kernel
  • SELinux development
  • Deblobbed?
  • Hardware and firmware
  • Patched kernel with latest updates?
  • How is encryption implemented?

I never wrote “personal” anywhere. I choose that manner for my security reasons.

Everyone has their own definition of security, which is not the same as personal preference.

Do you realize that this contradicts itself?

Explain it then before confusing people.

Please stop picking. You are just twisting every word for almost everyone. I really do not wish to engage in any conversation with you and will ignore you. You really think YOU are a wise guy. Just not at all. More like an internet Bully, is what I find you to be

Also I strongly recommend against giving any of those “secure phones” your attention or your money.
Buy a Pixel and put GrapheneOS on it if you want maximum security.

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To be more clear. I want something that is resistant to security threats like hacking and any other software/hardware security threats. Something a hardened kernal would help with. I also want there to be a resistance to private information being leaked. I consider a leak a private information a security concern even if it was not leaked through means of a hack. For example, connecting to Google wifi connect menu at restaurants is a leak of private information that does not involve hacking. Based on this criteria, I am asking for these OSes to be rated.

Eventually I may have misunderstood other users’ posts, I’m sure, that doesn’t mean it’s on purpose.
No, I don’t think I’m a wise guy, but I’m not the one making authority fallacies, you do.
I always try to argue or quote, unlike you. who’s the one who thinks he’s so wise then?

Sometimes I can be harsh with my words or too direct, but from there to calling me a bully I think it’s going too far.

I think it’s not the first time you’ve used the victim card to avoid arguing your opinion or providing sources.

Wonder how /e/ OS and LeOS would be ranked by security perspective. Also short comparison of these two would be nice, with comparison to DivestOS.

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