Screenshots / description not used by new fdroid


I put screenshots and description in /src/main/play as described here
You can see the file structure here:
As Nextcloud dev got updated yesterday I assumed to see the german translation in fdroid-app and one image.

What am I doing wrong?
Thank you for the great effort on FOSS!

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fdroidserver doesn’t yet have a gradle file parser, so fdroidserver can’t read the gradle configuration. So for including translations, fdroidserver currently just looks at the default location app/src/main/play. I don’t think we can currently support scanning the filesytem for those files, since it has to do it for thousands of apps, and fdroid update is already taking a while to run these days. Running gradle to get this info is out of the question since gradle is so ridiculously slow.

We’d love to have a gradle file parser in Python, so that fdroidserver can actually read the configuration. Then it would find the Triple-T files wherever they are configured.

My question had nothing to do with gradle. I just tried to use the same directory structure as the one which is generated by gradle-play-publisher. But this did not worked, so I switched from

Here it was mentioned that one can create the directory structure by hand, which is apparently working with fastlane structure, but not with gradle-play.

fastlane/metadata/android should work once it is in a tagged release of Nextcloud. There are a few apps using that layout, like OpenKeychain. Plus fastlane has the nice feature of automatically generating screenshots per locale, if you want to setup fastlane itself.