Why is it, when I search on the f-droid android client for saidit there are no relevant results, but when I go to the saidit website they have a link to their saidit client on

The android f-droid client used to work perfectly until about a year or so ago when the interface was changed. Ever since then it behaves strangely, for example it lists my local repo name is the same name and model of my own device. It reports the wrong versions of apps are installed and does not correctly report when new versions are available and as with the saidit client, the search does not return apps that do exist on f-droid, in fact, all kinds of weird shit as if it has been compromised in some way so I would like to ask, did new people take over managing development of the f-droid client between 1 and 2 years ago and if so who are they? To put it bluntly, is the NSA involved?

I can find it in F-Droid client 1.5.1 with today index update.

Pics of what you get?

You can see the search results only has one result and it is not the saidit app.

Let’s fix that, close F-Droid, go to Android, Settings, Apps, F-Droid, Clean app DATA

REstart F-Droid, reconfigure sync, don’t add any other repo, pull to refresh, retry to search…

Do you find the NSAsorry… the app?

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