[RethinkDNS] When I want to make a save in order to restore, the app crash

Hi everybody here !

Why RethinkDNS stop itself and lost all my firewall rules established in the past ? I have a redmi note 8 pro. And no other. Mr number filtered my phone call and SMS. I dont understand. When I save the app stop. I use DNS from nextdns pro plan.


Please report directly to the developer: Issues · celzero/rethink-app · GitHub


If you want Rethink to keep running persistently, enable Always-on VPN: Connect to a virtual private network (VPN) on Android - Android Help

Unless you reinstall Rethink, it shouldn’t be losing data… Does it happen all the time? If so, how many rules did you add that were wiped out? This sounds like serious bug… If you can reproduce it consistently…

As in, SMS and calls don’t work with Rethink?

  • For SMS/MMS, check Rethink’s DNS Logs to see if “RCS” related domains are being blocked.
  • For voice, yes, some providers (I have seen two or three such reports on T-Mobile) have problems with VoWiFi and VoLTE when Rethink is running.

But as Liacon-Kter mentioned, feel free to reach out on GitHub or Telegram, where the community is pretty responsive and multi-lingual.

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Thanks a lot.

And for “block all connexions without VPN” ?

You can enable it, if you don’t have any app “excluded” from Rethink (I can see from the screenshot you shared that there are 9 apps “exclue(s)”).

Basically, what “bloquer les all connexions…” does is, it firewalls (blocks connections of) any app or system component excluded from Rethink.

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