RethinkDNS : firewall with NextDNS DNS resolvers... (sorry i'm french)

Hi !

I use NextDNS configuration, but I want to use the firewall of RethinkDNS…
How it works ?
Someone can be explain me how it works ?

Because sometimes I don’t have any Internet access with firewall…


Hi there, rdns dev here

You can setup DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) url (looks like:<cfgid>) by clicking on the + (add) button at the bottom of the DNSConfigure tab → Other DNS.

When you don’t have Internet, you can check Network logs and DNS logs to see if things are blocked. Blocked connections are marked with a red-coloured left-hand side border. When you tap on the entry, a bottom-sheet should crop up which should then show the reason (in a red-coloured chip on the top-right) explaining why Rethink blocked it.

If Rethink’s having connectivity issues, it should show up in red-colour on the homescreen just below the START / STOP button. If there are no network issues, then it should show Protected in a blue-ish colour instead.

Also, run Rethink in IPv4 mode (SettingsChoose IP versionIPv4) as IPv6 support is experimental and may not properly work on all 4G networks (we are working on a fix for this which should land in the upcoming version v054, 2 or so weeks away).

If everything looks good, see if connecting over System DNS (DNSConfigure (tab) → System DNS) works for you? Some network providers are fussy and block alternative DNSes.

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thanks for all !!

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ANDROID is blocked. Tap on it, then unblock it (by allowing it for both Mobile and WiFi). You’re possibly using NextDNS with Android’s Private DNS, and hence you need to allow ANDROID to connect (which here appears to be blocked) as ANDROID is the one making those DNS queries.

Also make sure to turn off Block when DNS is bypassed setting in FirewallUniversal (tab) (this setting isn’t shown when Private DNS is enabled; so you may have to turn off Private DNS first, make sure this setting in Rethink is also turned off; and then re-enable Private DNS again).

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