Repos update too often

Since about a week my F-Droid client updates the repos multiple times a day even though I set it to update only once.
Sometimes it seems like every time I unlock the phone it happens, sometimes I open F-Droid (after repos have been updated recently) and the apps list is empty and repos start updating again.
I never get an error that updating repos didn’t work and I regularly get prompts to update apps which works without any issues.

What I tried so far without success:

  • change the setting from once a day to something else and back
  • clear data & cache of the F-Droid client
  • clear system cache
  • reinstall F-Droid

My System:

  • Fairphone 2
  • Lineage OS 14.1 - February 13, 2018
  • Modifications: root + F-Droid privileged extension
  • only main F-Droid Repository enabled

All in all it’s a minor inconvenience. It’s not like updating repos takes a long time and it doesn’t seem to strain CPU or battery much either.

same problem for me. In my case it seems that updates are triggered by accessing root folder with file manager… And sometimes after updates the recent app list is empty, but not all the times…
Android 5.0.2, rooted.

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It’s maybe your system: Lineage OS or a compatibility problem between F-Droid and Lineage

Well I’m on LOS for a long time now and this issue is rather new. Also I’m pretty sure it started happening independently from LOS or F-Droid updates.

My system is stock Android, just rooted. No LOS. And it all started with latest F-Droid update. No issues till then.

Same here, it might have been the last fdroid update or an server issue don’t know. Unlocking my phone, I see the update notifications mutliple times a day, I have my update settings on weekly.

Relatedly?, many of my repository descriptions state that they have not been used yet (despite me having installed apps through them).

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Ok I installed alpha3 two days ago and since then everything works as expected again. I had forgotten that I had switched to alpha releases right before this started to happen. Obviously you can’t expect everything to work perfectly on alpha releases - my bad.

@surferjoe and @spaetz I guess you were on alpha1 too?

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Yes, I was on the alpha too, and alpha3 fixed this. :slight_smile:
Now, if there was some visual feedback when pressing the download or “update” buttons I would start being happy with my fdroid again. :wink:

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:+1: That’s the only thing that still annoys me a bit too.

Same for me, now it seems to be ok. Thanks

Seems a very good news :smiley:

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