Remove Yatta from F-Droid

Hi guys, my first post here and not quiet sure if its the right place tbh.

I received an email from a company claiming that the name of my app violates their registered brand. I checked and it’s legit. That is why i have to ask you to take down my app for now, until i launch it under a different name.

The App:

I’m sorry for the inconveniences i caused and appreciate your efforts.

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Can you add this info to Github too?

Maybe you want to just change your app’s name?

…and ID? it’s “yatta” there too :frowning:

@Licaon_Kter sure thing, i just added a short info to the readme. For now i refactored my code to adapt to the new app name. I’m also in the process of modifying images within the app. Please have in mind that this project is part of my thesis, that is yet to be concluded (deadline being in the middle of january) and it would be awesome to have the f-droid deployment included in the final print. If there is no way around a new “request for packing” honestly so be it, since that would take around two week i assume.

Since it doesn’t change the logic of your code, I think the process will be pretty fast

Yeah @proletarius101 is right, I’m the one who packaged it originally and would be willing to adapt to the changes ASAP, so if you change everything from your side, it should be doable quite fast from my side @uestueab

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Thank you so much. @jugendhacker I just opened a new “request for packing” issue. Really appreciate it!

@uestueab mark as solved then?

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Sure, though the corresponding merge request seem to be stagnating for a couple of days now. I hope everything is fine?

It was merged now, so we just need to wait for the build cycle

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