[Release] deplaydroid: Install and backup Android apps from F-Droid in PC side

Hi, I wrote a shellscript tool called deplaydroid and we could use it install/uninstall apps from F-Droid easily. Besides, if you own root permission, it even allow backup/restore apps like Titanium Backup did. Here is the quick start, more information please read the homepage. Enjoy!

# download deplaydroid
wget https://gitea.com/fasheng/deplaydroid/raw/branch/master/deplaydroid
chmod +x deplaydroid

# enable command completion for bash
source <(./deplaydroid complete --bash)

# fetch F-Droid repository index.xml file
./deplaydroid update

# install applications
./deplaydroid install org.fdroid.fdroid com.nextcloud.client
./deplaydroid install org.fdroid.fdroid=1007051

# upgrade applications
./deplaydroid upgrade

# backup applications
./deplaydroid backup org.fdroid.fdroid com.nextcloud.client

# restore applications
./deplaydroid restore org.fdroid.fdroid com.nextcloud.client

# deploy nextcloud from profile
./deplaydroid deploy --profile example/deploy-nextcloud.sh
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Nice to see an alternative to fdroidcl!

Does deplaydroid install support ABI/API filters?

Yes, deplaydroid will provide a suggest version for different ABI/API by default.

deplaydroid list --ver --sug org.fdroid.fdroid

And you could check the test case for more details:

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