Rating and comment

Allow user to rate app.

In addition, show number of ratings and average rating of the app. Also allow other users to see comments. I want to get away from play store,but It is much harder on fdroid to find out which open source app is better than other open-source app.

Another view like most downloaded app will help new users to onboard faster, as they can find all good app they need. Instead of trying of 5 apps and then picking one, and deleting rest 4 of them.

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Wouldn’t that be the beginning of bias monopolies ?

I guess good timing, I have been working on an open reviews project: https://mangrove.reviews
It includes free license dataset, open api and a web app. Happy to adjust anything to suit the needs and host the data. What may be interesting is that the current setup does not require reviewers to create traditional accounts, which is nice for privacy and easy of use.

I think ability to review applications to help others find something useful is becoming a bigger need as we have more apps.

@Licaon_Kter I’ll check out the issue.

Interesting, thanks for the info.

You might or might not know that G-Droid, an alternative F-Droid client, lists both requests (Rating and comment) as its first two additional features.

Please have a look there.

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