Questions about build/update/deploy process

First, I want to thanks every f-droid members for maintaining such a rich service, it’s amazing.

I am not writing here to complain in any sort of some release not released in time etc… I just want to confirm I understood well build steps.
From what I saw:

  1. App’s metadatas get updated (manually or by a bot)
  2. Build occurs, building any application with a higher version than what’s in current indexes
  3. Update occurs, updating indexes and repos with freshly built apk’s.
  4. Deploy occurs, which build a new website based on new indexes, leading in ‘app deployment’.

So if that is correct, can someone help me understanding why OpenBoard did not made it to the last step ? I must miss something.

  1. Metadata got updated : Update OpenBoard to 1.4.5 (19) (69c13964) · Commits · F-Droid / Data · GitLab → OK
  2. Apk got built : build - F-Droid Monitor (08/08 fdroiddata 98313807) → OK
  3. Update : update - F-Droid Monitor (08/10 fdroiddata 98313807) → OK but apk is not in the updated known_apps.txt
  4. Deploy : deploy - F-Droid Monitor (08/10 fdroiddata 98313807) → Same, OK but apk is not in the updated [known_apps.txt](

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You forgot Step 5: Wait ? Refresh your index :wink:

ref: FAQ · Wiki · F-Droid / wiki · GitLab

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