Question about process of submitting an app (EasyRPG Player) with many C/C++ library deps


I consider submitting our project EasyRPG Player (An open source interpreter for RPG Maker 2000/2003) games to fdroid.
The problem is that this depends on lots of C/C++ libraries. One of them is even patched (ICU) to save around 20 MB (trimmed down Unicode database for our use case).

Our build process upstream is as follows:

Can you give me any recommendations how to properly handle this for fdroid because your buildbot must be able to compile this.


For the Android build of Tux Paint we have set up a repo with a copy of all dependencies already there.

Don’t know if that is the best approach but has the advantage of getting all the code in one place and that packaging the sources for f-droid is straitforward. The counterpart is that syncing with the main Tux Paint codebase is more complicated.

You could also grep for ndk in the metadata directory of fdroiddata and look at the receipts using ndk to see different approaches.


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