Problems with AnySoftKeyboard continue

Some time ago AnySoftKeyboard was named incorrectly (The AnySoftKeyboard app is named "Turkish for AnySoftKeyboard", topic closed), and now it happened again: in the list of installed apps in android client or in search results of the web interface it is called ‘Spanish for AnySoftKeyboard’. App description is correct, but the icon has a tiny Spanish flag on it.

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I just checked the website and for most languages it’s the spain flag.
For german it’s the german flag and for italian it’s the piedmont flag.

The linked issues from the old topic are still open, so we are still looking for someone to fix that…

I am not talking about language packs, I talking about the keyboard itself - It is listen in search results as - now ‘Kachin for AnySoftKeyboard’. Here, second one from the bottom: Still with the Spanish flag though. In Foxy Droid it is Spanish, and in the horrible official F-Droid android app it is Russian but also with the Spanish flag.

Yeah me too. I mean the language of the website:

Yes yes, known issue… :frowning:

I’m confused. Does this mean that at any given time, the Anysoft app itself could be disguising itself in F-Droid searches as any one of the Anysoft language packs? Why is this so complicated to fix? ELI5?

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