Problem with Kontalk app description

When Kontalk 4.3.0 was offered in F-Droid (I use 1.7.1 version) it showed something in German in the general update description, and when entered in the update details the description was shown in Greek.

Today I see Kontalk 4.3.1 with "“Unknown application” in the update description.When I enter in the update details it shows nothing.

I have a similar backup phone (whit Replicant 6.0 also) and hadn’t update neither Kontalk nor F-Droid (v1.7). Refreshed repositories, and F-Droid 1.7.1 update and “Unknown application with no description” Kontalk 4.3.0 were offered. Updated F-Droid to 1.7.1 and after a second repositories refresh “Unknown application with no description” Kontalk 4.3.1 was offered.

I’m a little bit paranoid about security and I don’t know if it’s just a minor F-Droid app problem or it’s a problem in my phone (I use Replicant 6.0).

Thanks in advance.

Seeing the same, eg.

Given that the metadata doesn’t have this info ( and that the actual repo doesn’t have Fastlane info ( this is expected.

Thanks a lot, Licaon_Kter.

F-Droid app does not shown any description when, in Settings -> Expert mode, I uncheck “Force old index format”. When checked I saw those funny descriptions.

Anyway, installed the update for Kontalk and it seems to work fine.

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