Problem with FDroid - App itself or LOS? - howto debug?

It happen to my rather plain LOS, that after a while FDroid apps come app and with empty start page. It says “no recently new apps”, and in “installed apps” : no apps are installed and finds no app (so it seems no access to the formerly downloaded package-list).
What can be the reason for that?
Just remove packet sources and re-add them (and download it again) helps and everthing works fine again !?!?
Where this package or Fdroid data are stored? In internal and external card I found a folder Android/data/org.fdroid/files … but they are empty.

I guess problem is not the app but the LOS, but how can I find out what is the reason? No access to a certain folder? Hope someone can help me.

Logcat, this should not happen, you’re on 1.3.1 already?

yes -the latest version.

Seen this, easily fixed by dragging down.

I’m sure that’s not LOS fault

Sorry, what is to drag down? Maybe you can explain it?
Anyhow, do you know where this package data will be stored that are downloaded from time to time?

“Pull to refresh” like most apps

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