Posting replies on Android devices

The reply box is fixed to the bottom of the screen, can’t scroll it up.
Android devices have soft keyboards, also fixed to the bottom of the screen…

There is a reply button under each post to directly reply to that post.
Also the normal reply button should not be on the very bottom of the page since the “suggested topics” are still below.
If scrolling further down doesn’t help you could try to switch to desktop view (find it in the hamburger menu in the top right corner) or switch to a different browser.

Yes but what I meant was the reply box to type in is in a seperate frame of its own which in anchored to the bottom of the screen and does not scroll up with the rest of the page. This means the soft keyboard of Android devices is directly on top of it so you can’t see what your typing and attempting to edior fix a typo is very difficul.

For me that box is above the keyboard. If it isn’t for you I’d still recommend trying another browser or maybe another keyboard.

I tried the stock Android browser it does as you described, there must be an API that allows detection of the position of a soft keyboard that not all browsers have implemented.
I don’t like using the stock browser though it loads slowly and typing has a slight delay like a keylogger.
Plus it opens several connection to third party domains unrelated to f-droid including Yahoo and Amazon. I cannot abide that data mining, tracking surveillance capitalism bullshit, it is the scourge of the internet. So I use browsers that block third party domains.

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