Please your are termux

You know I went through the “trouble” of typing the error message into google translate to find out that it is Indonesian and says that the installation failed due to an unknown error.
But next time you should really provide an English translation to maximize the number of people who are going to help you :wink:

As for your error: it says that it is an “unknown” error. So there really isn’t much I can say about it. Happens for me too from time to time. Usually I just try again and it works…

On the other hand I think I have heard there are devices that are not supported by termux. What device are you using?
And I know that there can be issues when Termux:API or Termux:Boot is already installed. Could this be the case?


Do you have other Termux packages installed from Google Play like API or Styling ot Boot or Task? You need to uninstall them all and install back ONLY from F-Droid.

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