Please update F-Droid to include AuroraStore version 3.2.8

The AuroraStore version 3.2.6 available via the F-Droid Android app doesn’t work on LineageOS 17.x and other Android 10 distributions. Could you please update to version 3.2.8 from github?

I look forward to your prompt response.

I am not saying it should not be updated, but AuroraStore works fine on my LineageOS 17.1.

Nevermind, it stopped working eventually. I guess I still had a valid login token. Now login is not working anymore.

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As workaround you can sideload the apk from their site
An issue is open on their site

I’m using Orbot Version 16.1.4-RC-1-tor- for privacy reasons. Are you?

You’re assuming that I know how to sideload an apk file. How does one do that?

Just download and launch it from your phone.

Works for me on stock Xiaomi…but I need to clean app data everytime :frowning:

3.2.7 was build, 3.2.8 not yet

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