Planes Android - change path to App in Github Repository

Hello. I would like to change the path to my app - Planes Android - inside my repository. How do I do that. Is it enough when I fork the data repository make the changes and submit pull request. Must I install something locally on my computer in order to achieve this ?
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You can’t change existing builds, and I can believe you may not instantly want to tag a new release, so you probably want to go about it as follows:

  1. Make your changes in your repo
  2. When you have tagged a new release, add it to the metadata file with the changed subdir and make a MR (merge request/pull request). Please don’t use your master branch to make the fdroiddata MR from, so the F-Droid team can help quickly make fixes to your MR too if necessary.

Normally, you won’t have to install anything, the GitLab CI just should give you a reasonable idea of if it’ll work or not.

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