Package invalid (F-Droid.apk)?

Downloaded the lates F-Droid.apk (10.2mb) to my computer, copied it over to the zFlip5 ‘Downloads’. Clicked it and installed it, or so I thought.

Strange behavior: the F-Droid bubble did not appear

Search coughed up F-Droid in ‘recents’ and I installed some apps from within it but I could not find GPSTest.apk so I downloaded that one too to my computer first and etc. as above to install it. Tried it too, it works.

Next I figured to reinstall F-Droid (maybe it will install the bubble too?). Clicked the icon and then the ‘Update’ prompt. That’s when I got the error:

“App not installed as package appears to be invalid”


Should it maybe say "package is already at most recent’?

just guessing

Did you verify the downloaded file? Verifying downloaded F-Droid.apk | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

what is a bubble?

why do you expect “gpstest.apk” to be a result? why not “gps” or “gpstest” ?

can you attach some screenshots?

Which Device? Which Android version?

Yes, verified.

bubble: icon grouping in one bigger icon

OK, GPSTest, I used GPSTest.apk so I would not have to reapeat when citing the actuall downloaded GPSTest.apk file.

Don’t know how to take screenshots yet, maybe tonight.

Device is a Samsung zFlip5g

Update information says One-UI-6.1 but don’t know if that’s the current one or the one with 15 minutes remaing on download. Maybe the blurb should say

“Version information: One-UI-A.BC updatable to One-UI-X.YZ”

ok, device is recent, great

whatever icons you see on screen are Samsungs fault, grouped or bubbled or whatever :slight_smile:

We’re only concerned with the errors you see when using F-Droid Client