After the recent empowering talk at FOSDEM about OTRv4 the implementation of such protocol becomes a need.
Unfortunately we still miss a free libre Android app
We are still waiting for Zom (their side and our side already involved)
No, Chatsecure is not an option anymore
In the meanwhile we can still use OMEMO :slight_smile:

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OTRv4 is not designed for mobile…from what they say.

Did Zom start working on v4 already? Did anyone on any app (mobile or desktop)?

I only checked CoyIM which is not there yet. Encryption request send a OTRv23 warning.
I cannot check Pidgin, but I see a link pointing to a 4.0.2 explanation at cypherpunks.ca

Conversations is not there. It’s fork, Pix-Art Messenger, states that since version 2.0.0: keep OTR, but without further development and support, just for compatibility (PAM)

True, but OTRv4j it is: This version of otr4j is in active development for the adoption of the OTRv4 specification that is being developed at this moment.

Relevant link

I believe that`s still OTRv3 revision 4 or something

Having Java libs is not the issue, it helps but you can code apps for Android in many languages.

Mobile has different needs that an always on Desktop, eg. disconnects, network changes, bandwidth variation etc. that need to be taken into consideration.

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