Hi, is this the apk setup for osmand free or osmand plus?
I have read that Osmand find images through the proprietary app Mapillary, is it possible don’t install this app on my smartphone or is already included in the apk and I can’t remove it?
how can i verify the authenticity of this apk?

Proprietary apps are never included in apks you download from the F-Droid repo.
Osmand has one anti-feature because it includes non-free Illustrations and Layout.

This is OSMAnd+ with even OSMAnd live activated! Go for it.

Mapillary images are downloaded for POI, in the description. However, the mapillary app is not included.

This can be tapping the ‘online photo’s’, collapsing this card.

There’s been a significant (to me anyway) change to Osmand with the upgrade from 2.8.2 to 2.9.3. Now osmand must be installed on internal memory and it can’t be moved.

Attempting to upgrade to 2.9.3 with osmand on an SD card will fail with an unknown error. I moved osmand back to internal storage then upgraded.

This places a big restriction on devices with small internal storage. Is this changed required by the up stream developer or could the fdroid community revert to allowing SD card installations in the future?

Osmand is such a hugely complex piece of software that we can’t just revert such a change without understanding why it was done. Please talk to the upstream devs about this change and if there can be done anything about it.

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