OpenUntis vs. BetterUntis

F-Droid currently includes both OpenUntis and BetterUntis

The two apps share most of their codebase and serve the same purpose: To connect to (mostly non-free) Units servers, used primarily for the organization of schools. The main purpose is to display a user’s timetable, lessons, exams, etc.

Now, OpenUntis is not supported anymore (source: ).
However, the F-Droid description of the app reads

OpenUntis is a fork of BetterUntis, we removed proprietary libraries and some
unnecessary requests to other non-free networks.

Reading this, I would assume that OpenUntis is the newer (and better) product. This used to be true in 2018, but now OpenUntis in abandoned and BetterUntis is alive (with virtually all OpenUntis benefits included).

Therefore, I would like to suggest that
a) OpenUntis should be removed from the main repository (or rather be moved to the archive repository).
b) The OpenUntis description should be updated as follows: “OpenUntis is no longer under active development. Users are encouraged to switch to BetterUntis”.

The very few users still interested in OpenUntis (if any) will know what they are doing regardless of the F-Droid description and they will know how to handle the achive repository. Everyone else will be happier this way :slight_smile:


Among the folks reading here, I wonder whether anyone is empowered to act upon the suggestion. Must our suggestions instead be conveyed via a ?git issue tracker or git merge request?

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