openScale: unable to install, asks for downgrade

In TWIF 45 I learned the existence of openScale and I wanted to try it. Unfortunately I didn’t have the Download button in F-Droid. So I enabled to see incompatible versions and I managed to see something, but instead of the Download button I see Downgrade! But I don’t recall of having ever installed it before. I factory resetted my phone few months ago and didn’t restore any backup.

And even if I try downgrading it it shows a popup about this version being signed with a different key.

How should I install it? thanks

In 1.5.1, try to clean up app DATA, resetup sync and repos, then retry.

This is an old bug that needs a fresh start to be clean up.

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Thanks for the suggestion! It worked!! I cleared all F-Droid data and I was able to install the app

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